Leaner and Efficient Services for Enterprise Business Houses



CST Provides best in class Maintenance and Implementation Support for the full suite of Workday Services with Finance, HR and Integration Support throughout the entire process from Discovery, Planning, Implementation and Support Services.

Knowledge & Technical Expertise

Enhanced methodology

CST leverages out-of-box configurations, custom tools, tailored training and change management practices which help organizations deploy Workday faster with less risk.

HR and Financials experts

Decades of combined experience in HR and Finance will help detect and steer away from possible pitfalls ahead of time.

Extreme configurations

Our team is specialized in complex and demanding configurations. We deliver Workday projects with high expertise and ambition.

Ready to go integrations

CST extensive integration library offers plug-and-play compatibility for most common 3rd party applications which cuts down build time and reduces risks. Real world experience from 500+ live integrations to date.

On time and budget delivery

Our experience from over a hundred successful projects is key for accurate cost estimates and successful go-lives.

Additional Services

A broad catalogue of Change Management services help organizations to reach the full potential of Workday.

Human Resources and Finance are the core drivers for Growth, Strategy & Revenue and through Workday-powered transformation, we help HR and Finance defines their strategy, technology and approach to become agile, strategic advisors that drive critical business outcomes and revenue.

With in-depth specialization & technical expertise, CST is uniquely positioned to guide its clients in this transformation, tailoring each journey to your specific needs.

CST delivers Application Management Services with impeccable quality & on time delivery enabling organizations to reach their future strategic goals

AMS Exceeding Business Requirements

  • Application Analysis and Optimization
  • Integration Assistance and Development
  • Day-to-day integration monitoring and Job Scheduling
  • Key Performance Indicator development within organizations
  • Workday configuration Maintenance
  • Maintenance of job catalogs
  • Enhancements and New Functionalities;
  • Reports, Analytics & Documentation
  • Comprehensive roadmap and Workday strategy development

Strategy, Workforce Synchronizing & Administration Services

  • Global Standards, Best Practices & Strategic Vision Alignment
  • Customized end user training for small-to-medium size enterprises
  • Comprehensive support for evolving business requirements
  • Deployment audits and configuration reviews
  • Operational Excellence with Strategic Analysis enabling a better ROI
  • Business Process, Integration, Security & Benefits/Compensation Plan Administration

HCM and Finance system implementations are often challenging projects that stretch the capabilities and resources of any organization. Pre-deployment is an additional service that helps organizations make relevant preparations in advance of the project which reduces risk, speeds up deployment and improves ROI.

Discovery & Planning

  • Planning the Workday Project
  • Finalize Workday Business Case and Value Creation program
  • Design a strategy to simplify, harmonize and re-design your processes
  • Support your governance, PMO and help drive your implementer,
  • Design a Data cleansing, migration and mapping strategy adapted to Workday
  • Redesign catalogs and company standards (Job Families, Job Catalogs, …)
  • Design a global payroll strategy
  • Design a strategy for delivery and operations (Shared Services, In-sourcing, outsourcing, …)
  • Design a Change Management and Training strategy adapted to Workday programs
  • Resource planning
  • Identifying legal and business critical reports
  • Organizational structure planning


  • Project management
  • Data extraction, conversion and validation
  • Consulting for Job catalogue, competence catalogue, compensation grading, financial reporting structure etc.
  • Configuration
  • Integrations
  • Payroll
  • Test planning and execution
  • Training development and delivery
  • Change and transformation

Workday Methodology, Tools & Templates

  • Daily scheduling
  • Set meeting agendas and meeting expectations
  • Clear progress expectations and milestones
  • Out-of-box configurations
  • Custom tools for data validation
  • Enhanced design and discovery documents
  • Test management tool with ready Workday test scenarios
  • Templates for training and change management